Quick and Easy DIY Window Shade


After posting, "Our Kitchen Remodel is Complete," I received several emails regarding the fabric shade over the kitchen sink. Most of you wanted to know where I purchased it, but truth be told, I made it! A couple of months ago I was perusing through one of my favorite design blogs emilyaclark.blogspot.com. Emily is an incredibly talented Home Stylist with many crafty DIY ideas...but this one in particular really captured my attention, and I just knew I needed to try it myself!

During the process of our kitchen remodel we decided to remove the previous shutter over the kitchen sink as it was hindering the amount of natural light we acquired. I still wanted some sort of a window covering for privacy, but I preferred something less obstructive and with a little more character. I knew this would be the perfect time to try out Emily's "Easy (and inexpensive) DIY Fabric Roller Shade."

So I purchased a roller shade from Home Depot for about $9 along with a yard of patterned fabric for about $12 and put myself to work! First, I cleared off a work space on my kitchen floor, unrolled the shade and placed the fabric underneath it. I then proceeded to trim the sides of the fabric to a width that is about 2" wider than the shade.

DIY Fabric Shade 1
DIY Fabric Shade 1

A great big thank you, once again, to the talented Emily Clark for inspiring me to take on this project! It was fun and easy, and I am thrilled with the end result!