Think PINK!


I hope everyone had a great holiday!  I (obviously) took some time off from blogging to enjoy the holidays.....but I'm back and I'm very excited about what I received in the mail last Friday - the fabric samples for my new office! Yes, 2 weeks later and I'm still obsessing! I ordered the fabrics from which offers an array of fun prints in happy colors. I knew it would be the perfect resource for my new PINK and white office! Now I'm having trouble deciding on the exact shade of pink...decisions, decisions....

At first I was set on "candy pink / white," which is this very bright, bold pink...

To Amsterdam Collection
To Coral Collection
To Coral Collection
To Zig Zag Collection
To Chipper Collection
To Lulu Collection

But now I'm really leaning towards the "Poppy Pink" fabrics below. The color is a bit softer and a little less adolescent...and I think it would be great paired with pops of hot pink accessories...

To Madison Collection
To Tazo  Collection

I like that this striped fabric contains a touch of the "candy pink" as it allows me to accent the room with touches of that color.

To Terrace Collection
To Avery Collection

So what do you think? Candy Pink or Poppy Pink?