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Frugal Find of the Week! Trellis Rug


I spotted this fabulous trellis rug about a year ago while surfing the web in an effort to style a living room for one of my clients. Instantly, I fell head over heals in LOVE with it and I just knew had to have it!

source: casasugar.com

Undoubtedly, a rug like this is hard to come by.....especially for a suitable price! I don't like to spend a fortune on rugs....I have 2 sweet puppies that can be destructive, AND I often grow tired of  pieces very easily!  Where could I find something similar without spending thousands of dollars?

Well....never in a million years did I think I would come across something like THIS......

Trellis Rug
Trellis Rug

............especially not at Garden Ridge! And for $99.00 for an 8'x10!?! I was amazed!

Now let's be honest, it's not the softest floor covering in the world....but it might just be exactly what you need to make a statement in your home in an area where you're not looking to spend a ton of cash!

I went ahead and purchased an 8'x10'  for our master as I wanted to bring some color and pattern to the floor. I think it does the trick (for now anyways)! Luca seems to be enjoying it as well!