Holiday Decor Inspiration


It's Novemberrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! (*in my obnoxious Oprah voice*) And I am super excited as this is the month that I start decorating for Christmas! I have recently been surfing the web and thumbing through magazine after magazine to find great inspiration for this year's Holiday decor. Now that our house in finally coming together I am excited to start pulling out all of the decorations and toying with new ideas! Today I want to share with you some of my favorite inspiration pictures in hopes that they will inspire you to begin thinking about your own Holiday decor!

First and foremost, your front's a fun way to let people know what sort of fabulousness to expect inside. I love the idea of doing three wreaths rather than just one...and the candle light in the lanterns will give such a cozy feel at night. Very inviting!

holiday inspiration
holiday inspiration

Wreaths don't have to be made from greenery and pine cones...get sure that your wreath reflects your own style.

If you want a little more glam, you might go for something like this....... A wreath made of crystal brooches and strands of pearls, does it get more glamorous than that?

Looking for something a little more vintage? How about this wreath made from old book pages....very pretty and sooooo easy to make!

bookpagewreath+020.JPG (1200×1600)

If you have a Christmas tree, it's always fun to decorate it in colors that match your decor. Don't be afraid to for-go expected colors such as red and green. Below are perfect examples of stepping outside of the box to reflect your personal style...


This tree will be perfect for that beach house I've always dreamt of owning....maybe I'll get one for Christmas (pretty please?!)

Add some sparkle with these fun votives...

And these napkin rings from Z Gallerie...

Dreaming of a white Christmas?? How about this for some inspiration...

Feeling inspired yet?