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Wow! We have a lot of projects going on in our house today...from designing for a clients nursery to creating a picture gallery for our stair way....not to mention our kitchen remodel that I wrote about last week! But what I want to share with you today is this little DIY project that I worked on first thing this morning...

A couple of months ago, my friend Jenny asked me to help her with her and her husband's Master Bedroom. I was thrilled as they have a beautiful home and great taste! The best part was that we basically started with a clean slate as all they had purchased at that point was a bed and end tables.

Over the last several weeks Jenny and I have been hard at work selecting paint, fabric, drapes and accessories to create a stylish master bedroom for her and her husband. In the process, we decided that we would create a sitting area in front of the bay window...the great news was that she already had nice comfy leather chair to fit the space, but we needed to find a coordinating table with storage without spending a fortune! So last week I suggested to Jenny that we hit up one of my favorite discount retailers, Garden Ridge. Needless to say Jenny was a little leery of this suggestion...ok, very leery...but I assured her that at the very least we would find some great accessories.

As it turns out, we found the perfect table for her master bedroom sitting area! The size, shape and price were all right....but the decorative floral pattern that littered the table was all wrong!

Side Table Before 1
Side Table Before 1

Garden Ridge Table - Before

So I talked Jenny into purchasing the table as it was a steal at only $99.00! And I knew that with a little sanding and a $3.00 can of paint we could turn this table into the perfect piece for her master bedroom! So that's exactly what we did! What do you think?! The gold drawer pulls were an after thought, but I think they make a huge impact!

Side Table After 1
Side Table After 1

Garden Ridge Table - After

Over the next couple of weeks Jenny and I will apply the finishing touches...at that point I will post before and after pictures of her beautiful new master bedroom! I can't wait to share the end result!