Extreme Kitchen Makeover Sneak Peek!


Happy Monday! I have a fun, tiny little sneak peek of a kitchen project for you today. I seriously have no idea why I haven't mentioned this project until now, because it-is-MAJOR!

This client contacted me to remodel her kitchen over a year ago, so as soon as I was back from maternity leave, we set up a consult to discuss her wants, needs and vision..... it was then that I knew this project was going to be THE most insane transformation.

Here is a picture of the kitchen which was taken the day of her consultation:


You've all seen this kitchen before....your typical 90's dark oak cabinets, awkward space above the upper cabinets that no one ever knows what to do with, etc.

After meeting with my client, I knew we were clearly on the same page. We wanted to brighten things up and add fresh, chic elements to space to really reflect the personalty of this fun, young couple.

As soon as the holidays were behind us, we began the demo and exactly 8 weeks later the kitchen was complete!

I am only able to share a small sneak peek today because I just haven't had time to get the space photographed, but I plan on doing so next week.

Cantrell Kitchen sneak peek
Cantrell Kitchen sneak peek

I'm sure you are cursing me for sharing so little, but any more than this will surely be a spoiler.

You can at least gather the herringbone backsplash, painted white cabinets, grey walls, and the Silestone countertops... But there is more, so you'll just have to wait!