Our Farmhouse Renovation Reveal Part 5 – The Master Suite


Whoohoo! Part 5 of 5, y’all! Finally! I have to say, it is a relief to have this remodel done, rooms furnished/photographed and blog posts posted! Today’s reveal is of our master suite, which is really what started the domino effect of our entire remodel.


The first time I saw this house in person, I immediately knew that I wanted to convert the existing guest bedroom, and awkward attached garage, into a master suite. The existing master, although huge, was next to the kids’ rooms, had a small bath and even smaller closet. So when I started drawing plans for the master I realized, hmmmm, we will also need to remodel/put a pool into the back yard, turn the sunroom into a cabana, remodel the kitchen and living since all of these spaces tie together as….and oh, that leaves us with Beckham & Stella’s rooms….yah, let’s do those, too. Sheesh!

Ok, so here we go… in order to fully understand what went down, here is a reminder of what this section of the house used to look like. The far end of the house in the photo below was a storage garage (I freaking hated that thing) and to the left of that (see single set of french doors) was the guest bedroom.



Here is a peek at what went down during construction… We raised the roof on this section of the house to allow for taller ceilings in the suite.



We also added an additional set of 4′ french doors to the master bedroom for a better view of the pool.

And again, the end result of the exterior of this portion of the house. The far oval window on the right is the master bath, the 2 sets of french doors in the middle are the master bedroom and the larger french doors to the far left lead to the kitchen.



Now on to the inside. For a better understanding of the layout, here are the plans that I provided to our Architect…



A closer view of the master…














A “before” photo of  the soon-to-be master bedroom just after we bought the house.













We closed in the existing french doors and added 2 new sets of french doors closer to each end of the wall, pushed that far left wall out about 2′ to gain more square footage in the bedroom, and added a door way to the master bath.

And here is the master suite now (opposite angle from above)…



I obviously love the shiplap as we opted to carry it into this part of the house as well. We went all out on our bedding as far as comfort goes….it is layered and layered in Down Inc. duvets, pillows and mattress toppers. I almost need a step stool to get up on that thing!



The night stands are RH baby & child. I looked everywhere…every trade vendor, every store at the WTC, but these are the ones that fit the look that I was going for.

I soooo love the fretwork pillows on the bed. Those are my fave!

I hesitate to share the shot below because it’s very unfinished, but what the heck. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect seating for that corner and for a chest under the tv. Just when I think I know what I want, I change my mind. Either way, we do love our view of the pool!



Ok, on to the master bath…..

I DIE for my new ball & claw foot tub! I have wanted one my WHOLE life!! And yes, I use the heck out of it!



Here is a shot of my vanity… can you see the detail on the floor? We decided on a polished marble hex with a 6″x18″ border to add interest. (click on the photos for larger viewing)



The cabinet hardware was a must have from Anthropologie. Mother of pearl paired with gold, ummm, yah. Had to have it.




The marble is the same calacatta borghini that we used in the kitchen. I designed a more dramatic vanity splash to enhance the wall-mounted plumbing fixtures.




On to his side….



Around the corner to the left is our master closet. Yah, I did not have that photographed and probably never will due to the fact that I can’t seem to get organized in there. BUT….I do have motivation to do so because I’d love to show off my cheetah carpet!! Yah, don’t hold your breath.




Thank you again to my husband for trusting that this time/money/energy-consuming mess does infact pay off… he loves what we’ve done, but getting here was not easy! And thank YOU all for following along!! We’ll be back next week with more of our latest projects! But to see more regular updtaes, you can follow us on Facebook!