Design Board PROMOTION {and One of My Latest Online Designs!}


It's not often that a client project takes me out of my comfort zone...but when clients, Meredith and Justin, asked me to do a design board for their master bedroom and included these images as their inspiration photos, it brought on feelings of excitement, yet serious stage fright!

While the photos are stunning, I am quite honestly not used to working with such bold patterns or vibrant colors!

I have completed nearly 40 online design boards in the last year, and the majority of these clients want a similar look of muted grays, blues and ivories with a touch of sparkle. A good representation of my "signature" look for a design board would be this one, which I finalized for the most wonderful client in Houston just last week...

Lightsy Living Room
Lightsy Living Room

I am in love with the ikat fabric as well as the sunburst mirrors! (shocking, I know) I would love to somehow incorporate this fabric into my living room!

Anyhow...after hours and hours of research, I finally came up with a design for Meredith and Justin's master bedroom. And I must say, once I got started, my anxiety went right out the window and motivation set in!

Neff Master Bedroom Design Board
Neff Master Bedroom Design Board

*Out of respect to my paying clients, I decline to share specific sources for my designs*

I cannot wait to see this high glam master bedroom come together...I know they will do a fabulous job! And I promise to keep you all updated on the progress!

And while we are on the topic of design boards... as of today, I am offering $50 off any and all online design boards that are booked by this Friday, 2/17. Please be aware that I only have a handful of slots available before my maternity leave in April, so I am offering this promotion on a first come, first serve basis.

Please email me with for further details at

Have a great week everyone!