Gorgeous Tufted Dining Chairs: My Loss = Your Gain


I know, I know...I was totally M.I.A. last week.... So sorry about that! But to make it up to you, I am going to introduce you to something fabulous that I found online a few months ago.... this tufted linen dining chair...  

Crown Top Ivory Linen Dining Chair (Set of 2)

I'll admit, I haven't shared this fabulous find with you until now because, well, I've been selfish and I wanted them for myself! I knew that if I shared them with blogland they would be gone in no time! But, now that I have a nursery to buy for, these beauties have unfortunately moved to the bottom of my priority list...*sigh*

I have been dreaming of linen dining chairs for my dining room table for quite some time... I was especially inspired by this photograph that I've been hoarding away in my inspiration file...

Dining Rooms - ivory tufted dining chairs round dining table rug art tiered chandelier gray walls paint color gray silk drapes rug  Ashley Goforth

I actually ordered these chairs from Overstock about 2 yrs ago...

Becca Linen Dining Chair

....but unfortunately, they are a bit too small for my taste.

The great news about the Crown Top Dining Chair is that I compered the measurements to a very similar (yet more expensive) dining chair that I purchased for a client from a higher end retailer, and the dimensions are exact! They are truly substantial chairs...and the best part??...the price of course... You can score TWO of these lovlies for only $205!!!

Let's have another look, shall we??

Crown Top Ivory Linen Dining Chair (Set of 2)

What do you think about the chairs? I'm hoping one of my readers will purchase these gorgeous chairs...I want to hear all about them so I can live vicariously through you!