Answers to Your Questions About Horizontal Striped Drapes!


Since my May 18th post on Horizontal striped drapes I have received a slew of emails from anxious readers on where to buy them, where to buy the fabric to have them made, etc. Well today is your lucky day, my friends! Yesterday I was informed, by one of my savvy clients, that she bought her fabric for the to-die-for horizontal striped drapes in her baby's nursery at Premier Prints! They are black and white and striped to perfection, and when she told me where she bough the fabric, I was shocked! I mean, I have combed through that website 1,000 times...why have I never come across this fabric?! Low and behold, here it is!

The stripes are a substantial 8" wide... and because a bolt of fabric is only about 54"w, she bought enough to accommodate 96" panels. She made it sound like a simple process... the only tricky part is sewing the two forms of fabric together to create the desired length of panels.

I have every intention of taking pictures of her nursery to share the end results with me when I say you will not be disappointed!

And for those of you looking for striped fabric in colors other than black and white, check out these stylish shower curtains from West Elm! They could easily be transformed into coveted drapery panels! I'm loving the yellow!

Are you loving horizontal striped drapes as much as I am?!