Featured at "Amanda Carol at Home..."


If you haven't checked out Amanda Carol at Home, you are missing out! Today she is featuring A Well Dressed Home in her "Coffee With..." series. I was lucky enough to meet Amanda in person several weeks ago when she came by my house to interview me for the series...she was so much fun, I could have chatted her up for hours! Oh wait, I did chat her up for hours! Ha! Thanks again for the feature, Amanda!

Amanda Banner

On another note...I'm taking a week off from blogging to enjoy a little R&R (and get a TAN! -- when you see the pictures of me on Amanda's blog you'll know why! Good Lord! When was the last time I saw the sun?!).

Anyways, I am headed to the islands with my whole family to celebrate my Mom's 60th (yes, Mom, I totally called you out). We are also taking my 82 year old Grandfather, along with his (younger) girlfriend, so we can check this trip off of his bucket list. Should be a great time!

best beaches in Maui: Hamoa Beach

See you back here in a week!!