A Stylish Approach...


So one of my very first clients, and now friends, has asked me to assist her and her husband in the design process of their soon-to-be "forever" home in the Dallas area. Lately we've been discussing design ideas and looking at inspiration pics, which has me all giddy about this enormous project! Yesterday, she sent me the picture below as an inspiration for the upcoming play room, and it really grabbed my attention. You see, her and her husband have one adorable little boy, but they plan on having at least one, maybe two, more children....so we will need to plan the kid's spaces accordingly to accommodate play dates, sleep overs, slumber parties, etc.

I thought this room, featured in Elle Decor, took a typical kid's play room to a whole new level! Not only can the kids and all of their friends play in the play room, they can also sleep in the play room! And what kid doesn't love sleeping in a bunk bed? (Might be a way to get them to actually go to bed!)

mail (400×320)

After receiving her picture, I searched the web for more built-in bunk beds in play rooms... Here is what I came up with...


Not only are built in bunk beds functional and accommodating for a number of kiddos, in my opinion, they are a much more stylish, classic approach to the unsightly stand alone bunk beds that we grew up with...wouldn't you agree?

Is this something you would consider putting in your home?