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Project Reveal: A Master Suite Addition

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We were sad to say goodbye to an amazing 2015, but we cannot wait to share so many exciting things to come in 2016! We want to start the year off right with an exciting project which we completed several months ago!

Emily Hewett
Before & After: A Playroom Online Design Board Comes to Life!

Our Online Design Boards are a huge part of our business… They are a great option for those outside of the Dallas/Ft Worth area that are wanting the fresh, sophisticated look that A Well Dressed Home has to offer. And we love it when our Online Design clients execute our design down to the last detail, like this client did!

Emily Hewett
Before & After: A Master Closet Make Over

When our client, Stacey, contacted us to make over her master closet, we were like, “ummm, yeahhh.” Who wouldn’t love to design a chic master closet?

When Stacey and her husband moved into their Dallas home, a spare bedroom next to the master bathroom had been opened up to create Stacey’s own private closet. Sounds fabulous, right? Well, it wasn’t…it needed help. It needed style. It needed life. But most of all, it needed function!

Emily Hewett
Our “HGTV Moment”…

I'm excited to share a fun little video with you today, but to give you a full understanding of the video, it is important that I start by explaining something that we take great pride in…our design process…

Emily Hewett